1st International of Sustainable Technology, Energy and Civilization Conference (ISTECC 2015) on 10th to 11th January 2015

MYKYOTO (formerly known as KUAM during this conference) with support of Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies Kyoto University, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia, and University of Malaya organized 1st ISTECC 2015 in conjunction with 16th South East Asian Forum. The two days conference was organized at Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and University of Malaya to gather academicians in various fields from Kyoto University to discuss about sustainable aspects and its impact on Asian countries.

It was estimated 40 local and international participants involved to discuss and share views on the research progress related to green technology and sustainable development issues. The objective is aimed to promote Malaysia as an institutional hub and research networks among participants to connect ideas towards policy and reality from South-Eastern and Japanese researcher. This will expand information access for scientific community in Malaysia towards the scientific world, technology, social, economy and engineering community.

The conference began with the welcoming speech by Prof Dr. Hamdi Abd Shukor as the Chairman of KUAM as well as Vice Chancellor in Academics and International, University of Malaya. The speech was followed with the keynote speaker by Prof. Dr. Shiro Saka (Kyoto University), Prof. Dr. Masahiro Shioji (Kyoto University) and Prof. Dr. Dahlan Zainal (Malaysia). There were about 8 selected papers presented on the first day and 11 selected papers presented on the second day. 





16th Kyoto University Southeast Asia Forum


Day 1- Saturday (10 January 2015)

Advanced Study on Biomass and Bioenergy for Green and Sustainable Future

Prof. Dr.  Shiro Saka 

Alternative Fuels in IC Engine Systems

Prof. Dr. Masahiro Shioji

Solving Food Security Problems Through ICIC Ways

Prof. Dr.  Dahlan Ismail

Study on Combustion Process on Hydrogen-Methane for Direct Injection Condition

Mohd Radzi Abu Mansor

Parameter study of carbon cryogel synthesis from lignin-furfural mixture: Effect on total surface area, acidity and biodiesel yield

Mohd Asmadi

Tribological evaluation of palm oil-based trimethylopropane (TMP) ester with glycerol mono-oleate (GMO) using four-ball machine

Rehan Zahid

Bioactive Compounds of Hibiscus sabdariffa Seed and Anacardium occidentale Nut Shell as Potential Natural Antioxidants for Biodiesel

Zul Ilham Zulkiflee Lubes

Biodegrability and Mechanical Properties of Biocomposite Based on PLA and Cellulose Fibers from Shorghum Bagasse

Lisman Suryanegara

Study of Potential Alternative Biodiesel Feedstocks in A University Campus: Case Study of Andalas University Limau Manis Campus

Fadjar Goembira

Oxidative Stability Improvement of Biodiesel with Natural Antioxidants from Brucea Javanica plant

Zul Ilham Zulkiflee Lubes

Characterization of Diesel Migration in the Subsurface due to Precipitation by the Simplified Image Analysis Method

             Harris Ramli


Day 2- Sunday (11 January 2015)

Numerical Analysis of the Pile Foundations Responses Subjected to Ground Movements Induced by Tunnelling

Mohd Ashraf Mohammad Ismail

Zakat and Waqf as Sources of Minimizing Wealth Inequality among the Muslims of Malaysia: A Preliminary Study

Muhammad Hakimi Bin Mohd Shafiai

Characterization and Risk Assessment of Atmospheric Trace Element in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Muhammad Ikram Bin A Wahab

Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Evacuation Process by Microscopic DEM-Based Multi Agent Crowd Behavior Simulator

Muhammad Salleh bin Abustan

RCS Predictions through Moving Target Angle Using LTE Passive Bistatic Radar

Noor Hafizah Abdul Aziz

Word Recognition Algorithms Implementation using MATLAB

Kama Azura

A Real-time Simulation Platform with Virtual Reality Capability for a Quadrotor Helicopter System  

A. Hassan

Influence Parameters of CdS Nanocrystal-Lysozyme Conjugation

Siti Aisyah S.

Islamic Wealth Management Tools: An Answer to Wealth Inequality in Malaysia

Muhammad Hakimi Bin Mohd Shafiai

Water Quality Improvement using Porous Rock Media for Stormwater Treatment

Ana Miraa Mohd Yusof

Evaluation on Penang Island Slopes Using GIS Method and Probabilistic Analyses

Mastura Azmi